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Armstrong Air Conditioners RI

Armstrong Air Conditioners RI

Inside Armstrong Air conditioners, you’ll find a wealth of smart ideas including efficiency-boosting MHT™ Technology, swept-wing fan blades and advanced sound reduction.

Armstrong Air Conditioners RI

Furnace & Duct Supply was founded by John McEnery Sr. in 1957. Our goal has always been to provide a diverse inventory with superior service at a competitive price. Furnace & Duct opened their door’s in a 2000 sq. ft. garage and has expanded to a 55,000 sq. ft. facility on Elmwood Ave in Providence, RI. We are staffed with the best qualified “pros” in the business with over 100 years of experience. Our warehouse is full of Armstrong Air Conditioners. We are proud to serve all of RI and Southeastern MA.

Located in Providence, RI right off the highway you can swing in and pick from any of our in-stock Armstrong Air Conditioners.

Some features of various Armstrong air conditioners RI are:

  • High efficiency models include a fan design in the condenser to minimize noise
  • An insulation blanket around the compressor in the condenser also helps reduce noise levels for select air conditioners
  • High efficiency air conditioners come with two-stage compressors for better efficiency
  • Select Air Conditioners are Energy Star rated
  • Select Air Conditioners utilize the new ozone friendly refrigerant R-410A
  • Select air conditioners use scroll compressors in the condensing units
  • Efficiency ratings certified by AHRI
  • Select Armstrong air conditioners have ECM Variable Speed Condenser Fan Motors

Choosing from the Three Types of Armstrong Air Conditioners for Your RI Home or Business

Armstrong Air Conditioners are well-known for their balance of dependability and cutting edge technology. If you’ve already decided on the brand, the next step is to figure out which of the three major types of Armstrong units are best for your air conditioner.

  1. Variable-Capacity Performance air conditioners provide linear cooling between higher and lower temperatures, similar to if you manually changed the temperature with a knob. Of the three types, this saves the most energy, at up to 20.0 SEER Efficiency. These take a little longer to hit target temperatures, while saving the most on your energy bill.
  2. Two-Stage Performance air conditioners have two cooling output speeds. While they rate at a slightly lower 16.0 SEER Efficiency, the flat higher speed provides faster comfort by hitting the target temperature faster.
  3. Single-Stage Performance air conditioners are the standard, single-speed air conditioning solutions that most people are familiar with. Armstrong’s models range from 14.0 to 16.0 SEER Efficiency ratings, so even their single-stage models provide top-quality efficiency while they lean the focus further on the side of cooling spaces as fast as possible.

Furnace & Duct Supply have decades of expertise and experience in installing and servicing the top quality, reputable air conditioning hardware from Armstrong. We’re dedicated to informing our customers on the very best choice for their particular needs, rather than pushing the most expensive hardware and services we provide.

For more information on Armstrong Air Conditioners and choosing the best cooling option for your RI home or business, contact us at Furnace & Duct Supply today!

Furnace & Duct Supply of Providence, RI has been a leader in the HVAC industry for over 50 years, serving all of southern New England.  Our reputation has been built on an extensive inventory and exceptional service.  We are committed to our customers and value their business!